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Tweet Tweet Tweet

on September 9, 2013


Twitter is no longer just a place for young fans like Little Monsters, Swifties, Directioners, and of course Beliebers to share their obsession with friends, it’s become a legitimate and effective platform for businesses to promote their brand and connect with their audience. Whether you’re an active Tweep of just a casual follower, you’ve surely been exposed to some fantastic and some not so great Twitter content.

In order to effectively use this social platform for your brand, you must remember to execute key items when sending out Tweets to the Twitter universe:

  1. ALWAYS respond to everyone
    • By actively engaging with you audience, you will build a credible and likable reputation that your followers will begin to ReTweet to their followers – thus promoting your brand even more!
  2. Share engaging, authentic, and believable content
    • Try using humor (professional humor) in your posts – subtle and easy to understand humor is a great way to get ReTweets from your followers
    • Use an image to reinforce or drive home the topic of your posts. Images are a great way to help your followers understand your point or to get them laughing!
    • Take the time to observe and learn from your community of followers and cater your posts to their interests and likes. Establishing trust comes from being authentic and believable to your followers.
    • Follow fellow brands and people that help to reinforce your industry credibility; don’t just follow everyone for the sake of having the most followers.
  3. Keep consistent
    • Engage with your audience regularly to remain visible in your market.
    • Include hashtags (not too many) to help filter your content to the appropriate searches and audiences
    • Assign trusted and knowledgeable employees to handle all of your brand’s Tweeting to ensure a consistent voice and message
    • By having a checklist posted near your computer or saved to your smart phone, you can make sure that your Tweets are covering all of the necessary steps for being consistent and effective.


While Twitter is becoming a great place for brands to interact with their fans and market to a global audience, it is also becoming a widely accepted platform for education. By helping students learn how to better create a personal brand to learning the art and beauty of delivering concise and entertaining content, the Twitter platform has opened new doors for educational professional. Let’s just hope these professionals further embrace the shift in technology and allow more and more students to actively engage and learn from all social media outlets. Do you think Twitter can be used as an educational tool?


If you’re looking for even more ways to engage your audience (or students), you should probably check out Tweet Chats (Twitter Chats). A Tweet Chat is place where people who Tweet (Tweeps) are able to join together from all over the globe, a predetermined time, to talk about a common subject. It allows for a moderator to pose questions and topics to groups of followers that are eager and willing to build conversation about those topics. By using the chats appropriate hashtag, other members of the chat session will be able to easily follow and search your Tweets. While a Tweet Chat can be overwhelming at first, it’s important to lurk first and join in only when you feel comfortable. Check out this great Google Doc to find some Tweet Chats you might be interested in – Have you ever Tweet Chatted? I would love to know how it went or how it goes if you decide to join one today!

While there will always be those people who claim social media is making us all dumb, it is up to us (the social media savvy folks) to prove them wrong! With our engaging, entertaining, and informative content, we can surely knock all the naysayer’s socks right off.

Ta-ta for now!


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12 responses to “Tweet Tweet Tweet

  1. I definitely think Twitter can be used as an educational tool. If not for actual classroom information, also as a resource for information. There is no lack of information out there today and students can not only use it as a resource to find interesting articles, news information, but also to follow influential people (professors, political leaders, global figures).

    I have participated in a Tweet Chat. It had to do with patient engagement in the healthcare industry. It was super informative and great to see so many people weigh in. I’ll definitely be on the look out to participate in more in the future.

    • lutt09 says:

      I can’t wait to participate in a Tweet Chat! I’m glad you had a good experience with it…I’m a little nervous I won’t lie! That article made it sounds pretty intense in the beginning!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. seanburke4 says:

    Hey Lacee,

    Great stuff! I thought the article about using Twitter in the classroom was pretty interesting. Cell phones were always a no-no in my classes. I thought it was great how the professor would use it to update his classes. By tweeting about assignments and classes being cancelled, he could update his students instantaneously. I can name a number of times when I’ve been in a pinch and had to type out an entire email on my phone. A tweet would have been so much easier! The other thing that stuck out was students tweeting about notes and class content. It’s a fantastic use of social media.

    • lutt09 says:

      I completely agree! I love that educators are using this platform (and others) to help communicate items to their students. A lesson in content creation by utilizing the 180 characters of Twitter is such a great idea – I just hope that more and more educators get on board with the changing times.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. lesleygeyer says:

    I think Twitter is a great way to engage with students in the classroom. Aside from just using as an announcement platform, it is a fun and unique way for students to find their voice (or even someone else’s voice, as described in the article). I wish that my senior year of high school (clearly well before Twitter – I’m old), that instead of having to dress up as a female literary character (all girls school), that we could have taken on her voice and modernized her through Twitter. What an opportunity to be creative under the veil of Twitter!

    • lutt09 says:

      I wish my professors in college would have utilized Twitter – even something as simple as a “lecture teaser” or something to get us excited about going to class! However, I agree that there is some serious potential left uncovered and I hope educators work to figure those out!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. jasonbelo says:

    Hi Lacee.

    Social media has set the platform for us to become more intelligent due through social listening, benchmarking, and demanding a better awareness of news and trends. Entrepreneurs can gain insight into their target demographic and competitors. Additionally, social media gives individuals the opportunity to research various topics like retirement and investing to learn from others experiences. If nothing else, social media keeps the masses informed of the latest fashion trends, sporting events, celebrity gossip, and breaking news; all geotargeted for one’s viewing pleasure.

    • lutt09 says:

      I won’t lie – up until now, I really have only used my social media accounts (especially Twitter) to keep up on the latest celebrity gossip and the occasional news updates. We all know I’m a big fan of live Tweeting during season finales and awards shows – I’m slowly but surely getting used to using my social media accounts to other, more productive means. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Lacee,

    I really enjoyed your post! I never really understood how effective of a tool social media, and specifically Twitter, could be. Before learning about Twitter, I only got on the network to see what the cast of Dance Moms and The Bachelor were saying! Twitter is so much more than celebrity stalking. Because it’s such an effective tool, at the very least, students should be learning how to take advantage of the platform and how they can create a brand for themselves. I would have enjoyed the challenge of impersonating a literary character on Twitter, as opposed to writing a 15-page paper from the character’s point of view!

    • lutt09 says:

      I completely agree – I still am having a hard time figuring out how to use Twitter more than just following my favorite celebrities or keeping up with The Bachelor alums. I love the idea of educators incorporating Twitter and other social platforms into the classroom – maybe the next generation of students will be able to understand the benefits of Twitter and other social platforms easier and quicker! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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