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Link Up With Your LinkedIn Profile

on September 23, 2013

Social-Media-IconsBetween Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, do we really have time to add yet another outlet to our ever growing arsenal of social media pit-stops? The answer should be yes, if that additional outlet is a LinkedIn profile. With more than 200 million members in more than 200 countries and 19 different languages, according to the official LinkedIn blog, this is no longer an unknown outlet.

The biggest problem with LinkedIn isn’t really a problem at all; it’s simply misunderstood. In its early days, LinkedIn was primarily an online resume service; now, it boasts career pages, recruitment ads, company search filters, and job analytics. According to a survey by Bullhorn of a group of staffing professionals, more than 97% say they use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool in seeking out, and hiring, new employees. With statistics like this, you would be doing a disservice to yourself by not having a polished and professional LinkedIn profile.


Here are a few tips on how to create and maintain an effective and professional LinkedIn profile:

  • Write an awesome headline.
    • In as few words as possible, let readers know who you are, who you help, and how you help them. Make your headline compelling and specific to what types of opportunities you want.
  • Create a strong summary.
    • This is where you can share your story, your achievements, and who you are as an industry professional.
  • Showcase your social proof.
    • Be sure to add in colleges/universities you have attended, awards or accomplishments you have achieved, and any recommendations you have received.
  • Check your spelling…more than once.
    • There is nothing more distracting than a resume with spelling errors. Ensure that your profile has been checked and rechecked for spelling and grammatical errors in every place possible.
  • Stand out and get personal.
    • With recruiters turning more and more to LinkedIn for potential employees, you must set yourself apart from the rest of the pack in your industry. Link your LinkedIn to your Twitter account or showcase your hobbies and talents in your summary to provide a more personal look at who you are.
  • Keep your profile up to date.
    • Be sure to include an accurate email address, social media handles, and websites that you maintain or contribute to. Also, having an accurate email address linked to your account will keep anyone from creating a fake account using your name and/or background information and experience.

While most of these tips and tricks seem to common sense, it’s incredible how often you can find users making huge mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes made on LinkedIn:

  • Not including a photo/Using the wrong photo.
    • You are way more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a profile photo. However, it needs to be the correct photo! Do not use a photo of your dog or your baby. While those are great for Facebook and Twitter, this is a place to showcase YOU at your professional best.
  • Using the standard connection request.
    • Even when reaching out to professionals you have never met, make your connection request personal. Do some research on the person and write about what you found in your connection request. You want to connect with people that are going make you and your profile look good, not just people that increase your connection numbers.
  • Forgetting about your privacy settings.
    • While it’s best to keep your privacy settings minimal to reach the maximum amount of potential employers, there are ways to tailor your settings so your current employee doesn’t know you’re looking for new opportunities. You can limit your activity feed just to those inside your network, you can turn off the visibility of your connections, and you can even make yourself invisible when viewing other member’s profiles.
  • Leaving out previous work or volunteer experience.
    • When focusing on a traditional paper resume, it’s important to keep your items relevant and tailored to that specific potential job. However, with LinkedIn, you really shouldn’t hold back. You never know what a potential employer is looking for and having more information about you and your experiences could prove to be quite helpful to your professional future!
  • Not completing your profile before reaching out to potential employers.
    • If your profile has no photo, no connections, and no relevant information about your experience, you’ve set yourself up for failure. Potential employers want to see a polished, put together, and complete profile when considering you for their company. Be sure to complete as much of your profile as possible (and keep it updated) before ever reaching out to other professionals or potential employers.

Linked in

We all have so many social media outlets occupying our attention on a daily basis that it’s easy to see why this outlet gets overlooked. Your LinkedIn profile requires time, thought, and serious energy to create and maintain. However, if you’re in the market for a new career opportunity, you really cannot afford to leave this social media outlet on the back burner.

Check out this infograph for some additional tips and tricks on using social media outlets to your professional development advantage.

Questions To Ponder:

  1. Have you ever been contacted through LinkedIn for a potential job? If so, did you respond and has it worked out for you?
  2.  Do you think that companies should be relying more on LinkedIn (and other social media outlets) to help recruit and hire new employees? Why or why not?
  3. What do you like most about the LinkedIn approach? What do you find the most frustrating or what do you think needs changed?

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16 responses to “Link Up With Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Hi Lacee,
    I have not been contacted for opportunities through LinkedIn — it is probably because I don’t spend very much time on it and only minimally update my profile. However, it sounds like employers are finding quality employees. WSJ reported that companies like Starbucks and PepsiCo. are directing HR dollars toward LinkedIn services. Like I’ve said to our other classmates, even though I’m not looking for a job, I need to tidy up my LinkedIn to put my best foot forward!

  2. lutt09 says:

    Hi Amanda!

    I completely agree, my LinkedIn profile needs some serious help! I think it’s tough because I am not looking for a new job, in fact I’m quite happy with where I am! Plus, at this time, I have no desire to look for new jobs outside of my current company. However, I see the advantage of having a great profile and the fact that recruiters are looking at your even if you aren’t looking for them! All in all – I suppose I should take my own advice and beef up my Linked In profile!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I think more companies, especially digitally focused ones, should be recruiting new talent using social media. It’s important for professionals to be digital and social media savvy, even if the only connection the company has to the internet is they have a website. Anyone can write that they know about social media or have other digital skills on a resume, but checking their LinkedIn and other social accounts will prove whether they really do or not.

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Julie!

      I completely agree! I think I mentioned this earlier in the semester; I would gladly welcome a potential employer to view not only my LinkedIn but any one of my social media outlets. I see social media outlets as an extension of me, my personality, and experiences. My social media outlets explain more about me than a paper resume ever could.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. […] Link Up With Your LinkedIn Profile ( […]

  5. VictoriaBetz says:

    I love all of the images in your blog post! I have never been approached through LinkedIn, but I have applied to jobs where someone in HR looked at my profile. I definitely think that companies should go through LinkedIn for recruiting instead of the usual Monster, Indeed, and SimplyHired websites. LinkedIn is much more professional and less “sketchy”. I love LinkedIn being able to have endorsements! It’s an easy way to network with others and to return the favor. I do NOT like that you can’t connect with other people outside of your network sometimes (especially when you are first starting your profile). It is very inconvenient and harder to grow your network that way. Great post!

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Victoria!

      I completely agree! Not being able to connect with people was a big frustration point for me when I first started using LinkedIn. To be honest, LinkedIn is still pretty mysterious to me in general. I totally understand the point of it and the benefits that people can reap; however, it’s been a challenge for me to figure out my personal approach to using LinkedIn. I do agree that companies using LinkedIn is way less shady than other “career building” sites – it just has a much more porfessional feel to it!

      Thanks for reading!

  6. smschira says:

    I don’t think companies should rely on LinkedIn 100% of the time when it comes to recruiting and hiring. The “old-fashioned” in-person application/interview/hiring process still works very well. LinkedIn is a great supplement and it allows companies to find applicants they may not have found the “old-fashioned” way. However, you can never go wrong with the original.

    • lutt09 says:


      I agree – no company should rely solely on social media to complete their hiring. However, social media is too much a part of everyone’s lives to ignore these pieces of information. There should be a healthy balance between social media tactics for hiring and “old fashion” methods.

      Thanks for reading!

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