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What’s Right for Your Brand?

on September 30, 2013

With so many different social media platforms now circling our existence, it’s insanely overwhelming to decide which outlets you and your brand should really plug into. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest to YouTube, and Vine to Instagram…where do you even start!? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple…go where your audience is! You need to live and breathe the same social media experience that your target audience is playing with.

We know that Facebook and Twitter are pretty much no brainers when it comes to answering that “Is my audience living here?” question; but what about other niche outlets like Pinterest, YouTube, or Vine?pinterest-might-be-enabling-massive-copyright-theft

Let’s take a look at Pinterest, a bookmarking site that allows users to “pin” images and videos to share or reference on an online “pinboard.” Pinterest debuted in 2010 and with users spending nearly 98 minutes a month on the site, it really hasn’t seen a decline since its launch. So what are some direct benefits on your brand using the Pinterest platform?

  • Drive amazing quality traffic to your website
  • Building relationships with your audience and establishing industry credibility
  • Sharing content pieces with your audience without composing a blog post
  • It’s a more effective platform for sharing business images and video compared to Twitter and Facbeook

Simply put, you NEED to be on Pinterest!  Integrate a content strategy that is going to help foster engagement and conversation among your followers and promote content sharing within your target audience.

want7980-1What about YouTube? Isn’t that just a platform for random people to post odd videos of their cats or for amateur film makers to post their “debut” movies? Absolutely not! According to the Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, YouTube was the top choice when it comes to online sites and services customers use most often. YouTube launched in 2005 and was known for providing users with a hassle-free internet video watching outlet. Today, YouTube brings in more than four billion hours of viewership each month; a far cry from that 2005 industry infant!

According to Julie Perry, Social Media Director at BlastMedia, “For driving traffic and list building and leads for your business, putting content on YouTube allows you to be discovered or found by people that are out there searching for information.” In fact, YouTube is the third-most used social service and “59% of brand managers say their companies are planning to increase video budgets in the year ahead.” With the new ability to send YouTube videos from your smart phone directly to your television or game console, YouTube can now, essentially, be everywhere! That incredible ability to enter people’s homes on more than just a computer or iPhone screen, gives you the chance to build a more engaging and personal relationship with your audience and followers.vine-mobile

We can see that the popularity and charm of YouTube is relatively evident; however, what about that other video posting social platform – Vine? Vine is a video posting outlet owned and powered by the good people of Twitter. However, don’t get too excited…you can only post videos that are six seconds long. So what exactly can you accomplish in a short six seconds that would drive business to your brand?  According to Kate Rose, a Social Media consultant, “Vine’s big strength is in showing off visual content where movement is important – for example, a short video clip might show off a clothing retailer’s dress far better than a simple still.” Keeping in mind that Vine is strictly for your smart phone (with no online site at all) 40 million registered users as of August 2013 is huge! With five Vines tweeted every second, this might be a social platform you want to consider for your brand!

While all of these are wonderful social media platforms and can each enhance your brand and the relationships you have with followers and fans; it’s important to remember that you need to be providing content in the places that your audience lives and plays. Attempting to live on every single social platform is time consuming and likely not an effective way to increase your bottom line. Just like always, you must know who your audience is and where they spend their time if you truly want to reach the right people in the biggest ways!

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do you think that utilizing a Pinterest board is a good use of time and money for brands? What brands should steer clear of devoting resources to this platform, if any?
  2. What type of content do you indulge in on YouTube? Have you played around with YouTube on your television? If so, do you think that this is an effective way for brands to marketing themselves to potential consumers?
  3. Is Vine really worth the time for anyone other than teenage girls and celebrities? What benefits, it any, do you see for a brand that uses (or wants to use) Vine as part of their IMC?

Ta-ta for now!


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12 responses to “What’s Right for Your Brand?

  1. has seen a lot of success using Pinterest. Pinterest is mostly for lifestyle-type content, but there are certainly other, smaller categories, too. I think most brands could figure out a way to give some of their content a slant appropriate for Pinterest. For example, the SEC pins gameday outfits and tailgating recipes, among other things. Most companies could figure out a way to make the network work for them — with a little creativity.

    I mostly listen to music and watch clips from shows I missed on YouTube, and I almost always use it on my phone or iPad. I rarely use it from the desktop or my TV. I think YouTube can be an effective marketing tool, but companies have to use it creatively to pull people like me away from the purely entertaining content.

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Julie!

      I agree – brands and companies need to get their creative juices flowing when utilizing Pinterest! Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time on their part. The same goes for YouTube – I lose interest in things easily, so to keep my attention your content needs to be creative and entertaining!

      Thanks for reading!

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  3. lesleygeyer says:

    I spend a lot of time fleshing out The Pink Petticoat brand on Pinterest. It gives me a place to go beyond lingerie and really share different kinds of content. I’ve been working on a Breast Cancer Awareness board that not only is informational, but interactive as well.
    I can’t seem to get into Vine. It does feel like it is for high school girls – well put! Maybe I just don’t have anything that cool to say?

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Lesley!

      That’s great that you are trying to take your brand to bigger place than just lingerie. When brands go beyond their product, I feel like it really sets them apart and shows consumers that there is more to them (and that the consumer should probably get to know the brand better). Kudos!

      And I think that maybe we are just TOO cool for Vine…or not? 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I wondered the same thing about Vine. Whenever I’ve seen it used, it’s not for business and marketing. I decided to look up what companies are using Vine for marketing so I could see who is doing it right. Taco Bell, Urban Outfitters, Red Vines, General Electric and NBC all use Vine. In the Urban Outfitters Vine I watched, they were showing how to chalk your hair. I would never read a how-to about hair chalking on Facebook or Twitter, and a photo wouldn’t do the process justice, but since it was a six second video, I didn’t mind watching it! Vine is great because it doesn’t take up the consumers’ time, and it’s more entertaining than text.

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Lauren!

      Great work seeking out brands that are using Vine to their benefit! Taco Bell…really!? I will have to check that one out for sure!

      I think you are right though. If it’s used effectively, a six second video can deliver a message that simple text could never do. My only fear is that brands are not going to know HOW to use it properly and we will wind up getting bombarded with a massive amount of pointless six second videos clogging up our feeds. But hey…I hope I’m wrong! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  5. smschira says:

    I think the only brands that should steer clear of Pinterest are ones that hardly have any imagery or have a lot of text content. With that being said, I think any company could make use of Pinterest to show a variety of aspects of their brand to followers. On Youtube I mainly watch music videos, blooper reels of my favorite shows or certain clips if I can find them. Most of the videos I watch are being taken off because of copyright infringement. I have not tried Youtube on my television, but I don’t feel it’s necessary and don’t see the upside because many people are watching content on their tablets or phones rather than the tv.

    • lutt09 says:


      I think that, if used correctly, Pinterest can be a fantastic outlet for all brands. Even if a company or brand doesn’t have a lot of imagery that first comes to mind, that doesn’t mean they could pin things that are related to their field. Pinterest is great platform to share tips and how to’s, even if not directly in line with your product. For example, a grocery store could post things about cooking and great recipes; but they could take it one step further and pin things about creating a romantic dinner for two (including candles, plates, music, etc). and so on.

      I have watched a few YouTube items on my TV and I have to agree, I’m not sure I see the upside as it was difficult to navigate with my remote control (or wii remote). Only time will tell I guess.

      Thanks for reading!

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