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Keeping Things Analytical

on October 14, 2013

In this day and age, it’s hard to go online without running across a social media site. After all, that’s what this entire class is all about! With such a large and ever-growing presence, social media is moving from a business asset to a full fletched business necessity. Now that business are recognizing that social media needs to be a part of their marketing campaigns, there needs to be ways to measure social’s success and contribution. Today, we will take a look at some of the best programs available to measure your social media campaigns success.

  • Kloutklout-logo
    • Measures your influence on various websites based on your engagement and how many people interact with your posts.
    • Provides you with a personalized Klout score (between 1 and 100). Your score will increase or decrease depending on your social acitivty.
    • The website itself uses easy to follow graphics and charts to display your rankings.
  • Hootsuitehootsuite-logo(1)
    • Allows you to manage multiple social accounts from one location.
    • If you pay for the upgraded version, you have access to more detailed reporting and can add more than five social profiles
    • Ability to send messages to your various social sites directly from your Hootsuite dashboard
  • Sprout Social1354825501_f8dfebbbbdc0eb2d207d58abae4bb759
    • Aimed at mostly business users and allows you to analyze followers by demographics.
    • Ability to monitor all social profiles maintained by clients and seeks out new costumers while growing social presence
    • Allows you to schedule posts on various social media sites by using the demographic information to post on the most impactful sites
  • Social Mentionsocial-mention-logo
    • Similar to Google Alerts, concentrating solely on social media sites rather than the entire internet
    • Ability to monitor specific keywords, related users, or popular hashtags
    • Search by websites or receive email alerts users are including keywords or hashtags
  • SpredFastspredfast-logo
    • Geared towards business and agencies managing social media profiles for several companies at one time.
    • Integrates analytics by tracking link clicks and data from all social networks and displays information in easy to read graphics and charts
    • Allows you to compare social strategies with other campaigns in related industries

Most of these programs are free of charge (for at least a basic profile) and can be integrated with nearly all social media profiles. As social media marketing continues to grow and business begin to turn more and more to the social operation, measuring and analytically driven sites like these will only become more user friendly and helpful.

downloadAnother great service to look into, and eventually take advantage of, is Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is described as providing “powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small.” Let’s take a look at some of the social reports that are available to you with Google Analytics.

  • Overview
    • Quick view of high-level data for your website
    • Watch social traffic in regards to social referrals, conversions, and social network traffic
  • Social Sources
    • Used to identify traffic trends for social media and compare to your overall site traffic
    • Ability to see graphics with data displayed to see which social networks are sending your website the most traffic
  • Social Plug-ins
    • Informs you how many times visitors have used the social bookmarking buttons on your website
    • Assist in understanding the type of content visitors are most likely to socially share

As social media continues to grow and businesses continue to see the growing importance of including social in their marketing campaigns, the need to effective and efficient tracking will also increase. We are really just at on the cusp of what social can accomplish and the data that, if monitored correctly, it can provide to businesses and brand world-wide. Nils Mork Ulnes, head of Insight & Analytics at EMEA – Analytics London, said, “I believe that over time, brands will increasingly realize the massive value they can unlock from this data in terms of understanding motivations, trends, and behavior of the people that should matter most to them – their customers and prospects.”

Questions to Ponder:

  • Have you ever used any of the social media management sites/tools mentioned above? If so, what was your experience and did you find their services helpful?
  • What benefits do you see of monitoring social traffic?
  • If you were a business owner or social media manager, what pieces of information would you look for to be most helpful when monitoring analytics?

Ta-ta for now!


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6 responses to “Keeping Things Analytical

  1. Erin Tracy says:

    I just recently signed up for a Hootsuite account but I haven’t been able to dive into it yet. I’m looking forward to generating some basic reports. I might also start using as my link shortener. I like the idea of keeping as many tools in once place as possible.

    Measuring social traffic is pretty important if you want to see the areas that need some improvement. You might identify that some content does better on one platform but not so well on another. It would also be great to know where people are finding your links so you can better hone in on link placement for success.

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Erin!

      That’s great that you signed up for Hootsuite! I think it’s definitely something I should look into – even though I really don’t have anything more than one Facebook and one Twitter profile. I definitely see the need for a social media management site if you have more than one or two profiles, it just makes sense!

      I’ve never thought of running reports on my personal accounts, but it could definitely provide some interesting insight!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Great post! I love the list set-up — very easy to digest. I have a Klout profile, basically just to check my score. It’s kind of satisfying when you get notified that you had a “new moment” or that your score has gone up. I use Hootsuite both for work and personal. I love being able to keep track of so many accounts in one place. For work, we manage multiple Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts through Hootsuite, but for personal, I mainly just manage my Twitter through Hootsuite. Facebook makes it difficult to use the network anywhere but Facebook (I have sort of a love-hate relationship with FB). We use Hootsuite for work for security purposes (only a handful of people managing social accounts have the passwords or are admins) and for tracking purposes. We run tons of reports each week to measure our growth and to figure out what works best for us each week — topic-wise, time-wise and tone/style-wise.

  3. lutt09 says:

    Hi Julie!

    I just recently signed up for Klout and I have to say, I do love getting those notifications that my score increased or I have a new moment! It’s defintiely a confidnece booster!

    I’ve never really looked into any type of social media managment platforms until this week. I’ve never felt overwhelmed with going to to separate sites to few my profiles, but with more than a Twitter and Facebook I could easily see the need!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Lacee,

    I loved your post, it was a great overview of the top analytics sites!

    As a social media manager for our company, the benefits of using an analytics service for me would be to find out what channels produce the most quality engagement for our brand, vs. those that do not. They would help us see where to spend our time and resources. Since we are a PR firm, seeing where the reporters are that we should be pitching to and the best way to reach them is important.

    • lutt09 says:

      Hi Alexandra!

      Thanks for the insight! It’s difficult for me to really understand the benefits of social analytics because I’m not in a position that I need to be monitoring them for a business or brand. While it’s fun to see personal analytics, it’s nothing that is all that serious and no one is really affected if my posts perform poorly.

      Thanks for reading!

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