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The Happiest Place(s) on Earth

on January 29, 2014

3d render whith HDRI lightingHave you ever taken a survey? The likelihood that you answered “yes” to that question is probably pretty high – especially if you are in college or have obtained any type of higher education. Post high school studies, especially college, seem to be a hotbed for surveys – whether you are creating them or just participating in them, surveys are pretty much everywhere! However, while I might have participated in many surveys throughout my college career and beyond, I have yet to actually create one myself.

That all changed this week…

When we were asked to create a survey for this week’s assignment, I got really nervous! What could I possible create a survey about? Once I figured out what I wanted the topic to be, how would I ever come up with ten questions that pertained to the chosen topic? What order would I put these questions in? How should I word these questions so that people don’t get confused or bored? What on earth am I going to do with the data I actually collect from the survey?

DisneyCastleWithout too much surprise, my survey topic eventually landed on something Disney related – shocking, I know! The point of my survey is to collect more information on the age that folks first visited a Disney theme park, how they would rate their overall experience on their last visit and ultimately, if they would ever return to a Disney theme park in the future. I think it will be quite interesting to see the various responses that the survey produces – I imagine that the age you first visited a Disney theme park might affect the likelihood of you returning for a future visit. Also, I think the reason you last visited a Disney theme park might also have affected whether or not you got to meet your favorite character while in attendance.

The survey is pretty simple in structure – it includes ten questions of various types. I have included multiple choice questions, open-ended and free typing questions as well as questions that require the participant to rate certain experiences. I chose to use the SurveyMonkey platform as I have utilized this platform as a survey participant. I have shared my survey link on my Facebook wall, private Facebook groups, Twitter and through word of mouth – so far there have been over 100 people participate in the survey! The survey will be open for one week and I will post my findings and key learnings in my next blog – stay tuned!

If you would like to play along, feel free to take my “The Happiest Places on Earth” survey for yourself!

Questions to Ponder

  • After completing my survey, are there any questions that you found unnecessary or confusing? If so, what were those questions and how would you have rephrased them?
  • After completely my survey, are there any questions that you would have added into the mix to garner better or more interesting results? If so, what question would you have included?

Ta-ta for now!


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12 responses to “The Happiest Place(s) on Earth

  1. Jason Belo says:

    God save the queen! No one knows Walt Disney better than Her Grace; The Duchess of Walt Disney. 😉

    I really enjoyed your survey Lacee. It was quick and easy to complete. I think it would have been more difficult if I completed the survey on my iPhone since there were short answer questions that I had to address. Nevertheless, your survey was magical. 🙂

    The questions you selected were worded well, and if you wanted to focus on another aspect of Walt Disney, you could simply create a different survey with an entirely different focus. That would likely help the survey taker stay focused on one aspect of Disney. Whether you want to know how Disney stacks up against the competition or determine the level of customer satisfaction at each Disney location, you’re in business. You could even gear your survey toward international markets or exclusively toward domestic Disney theme park locations.

    Farewell my friend 😉

    • Hi Jason!

      Thanks for reading! I would agree – I didn’t really think about people taking it on their smartphone, even though that’s where I take most of the surveys myself! I tried to keep it focused on the topic at hand – with something as big and broad as Disney, it’s easy to get sidetracked! There were hundreds of other things that I would have asked about; but you’re right, I could just create an entirely new survey! I’m excited to see the results of the survey…and see who everyone’s favorite character is!

  2. smschira says:

    Hi Lacee,

    I loved your survey because it is on a topic that a wide variety of people can relate to. Probably everyone in my circle of friends and acquaintances has been to either Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California. It didn’t alienate anyone from taking the survey, because even if there was a chance the respondent has never been, they have at least heard of either park and has some sort of opinion about it.

    It also made me think quite a bit because I haven’t been to Disney in over a decade. I think the best surveys actually make you analyze yourself and what your answers would be. I actually don’t remember all of your questions, I’ve taken a lot of surveys this week, so I can’t comment on whether there were others I would have asked. It was very easy to understand though.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for reading! I agree that pretty much everyone has some type of connection to Disney – whether it’s a favorite movie, TV show or a theme park. I’m most interested to see the average age of people’s first visit. My first visit to a Disney theme park was Disneyland at age three-ish. I don’t remember a single thing about the trip, other than I apparently got to be the “leader” on the Dumbo ride. However, many of my friends (growing up in the MidWest) first visited Disney World…I didn’t get to Disney World until I was ten! Thanks for participating!

      • aselepak says:

        People make fun of me because I have lived in Gainesville for almost seven years and still not been down to Disney. But, I just don’t like theme parks.

  3. When I saw your survey was about Disney I knew I had to take it! Disney is such a good topic to survey because almost everyone can relate to it! I think you covered pretty much every major question that should be asked when it comes to Disney. I think the only questions I would have included in your survey would be: have you every participated in a runDisney event and have you ever visited another Disney park besides Disney World/Land (i.e. Epcot, Animal Kingdom, ect). I look forward to seeing your results, especially who people’s favorite characters are. I think my favorite, Aurora gets overlooked!

    • Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad the word Disney brought you in – I think you’re right in saying that SO many people can relate to the topic. Even if you’ve never been to a Disney theme park, you probably still have some type of Disney memory! I like the suggestion of a runDisney event, but I think that could be explored in a survey all by itself! Also, I stuck with the general theme park area names – If you’ve visited Epcot then you have visited Walt Disney World, if you’ve visited Disney’s California Adventure you’ve visited Disneyland. Annnd yes, Princess Aurora is quite underrated!

  4. Cyndi says:

    HI Lacee,
    I loved your topic for your survey! Just the words Disney World popping up on my screen brought back all my Disney memories and how much I miss it. Your survey was easy and quick to answer. I feel you covered a variety of questions, which I think is great. I know the first time I went to Disney was when I 2, I don’t remember it but after that year my family would go every year during Christmas. I know a lot of people though that went their first time when they were older or have yet to gone, my mouth usually tends to drop when I hear that haha, so I’m curious to see how old people were when they to Disney for the first time. I can’t wait to see the results you get! Great survey!! 🙂

    • Hi Cyndi!

      Thanks for reading! I’m excited to see what the average age of a first visit is as well! I visited Disneyland before we came to Disney World, which is quite different from most people that I grew up with in the MidWest. I love that just the word Disney can make people smile and entice them to take my simple survey – it really goes to show how big of a role Disney memories play in so many of our lives!

  5. PatAce says:

    Hi Lacee,

    This is a great survey! I feel that when it comes to Disney, that most people that were exposed to its products since childhood don’t really forget about the good memories. I’m sure that even though children are beyond exited to go to the theme parks, that adults are just as much exited to have a sort of respite at a place that might bring back great childhood memories.

    I think another angle for a Disney survey would be to try and see how many people visit the theme parks that are not from the US. I remember that during one visit to Magic Kingdom, I met a family from Sweden that had come to Florida solely for the purpose of going to the theme park. We were in one of those long lines, and we talked about them saving money for over a year, because they wanted to stay in the Disney hotel and experience the whole packet!

    • Hi Patricia!

      Thanks for reading! I agree that most of the time (good or bad/young or old) our Disney memories are forever memories – they just stick around in our heads and never seem to leave. It’ll be interesting to see how many people have actually been to a Disney theme park that take the survey – just because you have Disney memories, doesn’t really mean you have been to a Disney theme park. Also, very true about guests from outside the US. We have SO MANY international guests that we have special devices to help translate our shows and attractions into their languages and park maps/signage in several different languages as well.

  6. darleenr says:

    My Disney memory happened back when I was seven years old. I remember wearing the mickey ears as we walked about the park and that my parents got me a clear balloon and inside was a pink mickey. I thought that was the best thing ever! Funny what we remember as a kid. I know several couples who got married or honeymooned at Disney, they said it was great! I have also heard all good things about Disney cruises.
    Who does not like Disney? I did take your survey but with so many this week I can’t remember them all. Did you ask if anyone Does NOT like Disney? I wonder if anyone said Yes. Mickey haters!

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