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The Survey Says…We’ll See Ya Real Soon!

on February 5, 2014

We did it! Over the course of a week and half one hundred wonderful people completed the survey I created about the details of your Disney theme park visits. I was shocked and delighted with the number of completed surveys I received! So, let’s take a look at the results!

The very first question I asked was pretty simple – Have you ever visited a Disney theme park? This question was meant to set the tone and agenda of the entire survey. I did not have the option for a “no” responded to skip to the end of the survey; however, this would have been a helpful feature! As you can see below, of the 100 people that completed the survey, only eight have never visited a Disney theme park!


As most of you know, I work at Walt Disney World and I would assume that most of the people that took my survey also work here! However, according to the results of a later question in the survey, only 44 of the 100 respondents selected the “South Region” as the region that best described their current geographic location. I absolutely thought that number would have been much higher! It was pointed out to me that the regions I chose might not have been 100% inclusive. This person did not feel that his location truly identified with the regions listed – I had tried to avoid any issues by using the official US regions according to the US Census, but I think I might have missed the mark!


The majority of the respondents noted that they had visited Walt Disney World in Florida – this did not come as a big surprise to me at all. Walt Disney World is probably the easiest one of the theme parks to travel to from the South and Midwest regions, where most of the respondents indicated they were located. I was pleasantly surprised that three of the respondents indicated they have visited Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. In addition, nine respondents said they have visited Disneyland Paris!


A great deal of the respondents said they last visited a Disney theme park on a family vacation. There were a few respondents that indicated they last visited because they were “visiting friends” or “just because.” I’m assuming the few that respondent with these types of free-type answers live nearby or work here as well!

The results I think I was most looking forward to reading came from question number seven – list your favorite Disney character! Mickey Mouse seems to have taken the top spot; appropriate, since he’s kind of the boss of things, huh?! I am happy to announce that my girl Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, was a VERY close second! To be honest, this was a feel good question that did not necessarily offer much useful information. I could have probably included a question that was more in tune with the flow of the survey or that would have added to the information that I was attempting to collect.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the amount of people that chose to take my survey and for the amount of information I was able to collect. My goal for this survey was to ultimately gage how many of the respondents have visited a Disney theme park, at what age they first visit and what their overall experience was like during their last visit.  The majority of the respondents indicated they first visited a Disney theme park by the age of five and ages six to ten came in as a close second!

I was thrilled to see that 66 of the respondents said they are “very likely” to return to a Disney theme park…to you all I say, “SEE YA REAL SOON!”

Questions to Ponder

  • If you completed my survey, were there any questions that you found out of place, pointless or in need of better wording? If so, which ones and how would you have corrected them?
  • Were you surprised by any of the results that I provided in the above summary of the survey results? If so, which ones and why?

Ta-ta for now!


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22 responses to “The Survey Says…We’ll See Ya Real Soon!

  1. I liked all of the questions you had, coming from the Northeast, it was perfect! I also really enjoyed the favorite character question. I was so excited that you included my favorite character, Belle! So many times Belle gets forgotten so I was really happy that I got to vote for her! I think you did a great job with the survey, and I am hoping to go to Disney World in the spring of 2015, so see you soon! 😉

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for reading! I loved the favorite character question as well – I think that Belle was one of our first princesses to really stand up for herself and stand on her own she needed to. She is witty, smart, well-spoken, gentle, kind, compassionate and not afraid to tell you exactly how she feels. I think these qualities make her more likeable in eyes of parents and a “better” princess for their children to like. See you soon!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your results too. I think your demographic questions were very interesting, and I was surprised to see that people such a high number of people had also visited the California theme parks. Just out of curiosity, I see how Mickey would be number one for favorite Disney Character, but why do you think Belle placed so high? I think is very interesting from a marketing standpoint as may be Belle could be better position among the Disney “princesses” as Amanda says 🙂

    • Hi Juan!

      Thanks for reading! I was most surprised by how many people indicated they had visited a Disney theme park outside of the United States – it’s a dream of mine to visit all of our Disney theme parks, so that was really neat to me!

      I think that Belle was our first princess to be well educated and well spoken, making her “better” in the eyes of parents of young girls. She’s witty, strong, confident, family oriented and sticks up for what she believes in. Yes, she finds her prince in the end, but it wasn’t that easy for her – she had to fight for it!

  3. Wow! Over 100 people took your survey…that’s awesome! I thought I was doing well with 17 respondents! I took your survey and left some feedback last week but I think an area to look into if you ever do a survey again is runDisney. I’ve done three Disney races and loved them…even though they are very pricey. I think asking questions related to this could help you attract an even more diverse audience and learn more about why people love to visit Disney. I’m sad to see that Princess Aurora didn’t make the cut…although HSN is doing a Malificent project coming up so at least I’ll get to be consumed by that for a little while!

    • Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for reading! I actually had 114 people complete the survey, but the free version of Survey Monkey only records first 100 respondent answers – boo!

      I’m so glad that you love our runDisney races! My fiancé works most of them with the team he’s currently on and I have worked and volunteered for a few in the past – they are such a blast and the support and passion from the runners is undeniable!

      I think I would almost want to create a completely new survey to focus on runDisney events – however, I could definitely include a runDisney race as one of the reason you have last visited a Disney theme park.

  4. Hi Lacee,
    If you are looking to do a survey again that lets you skip respondents to certain questions, use Qualtrics instead of SurveyMonkey. Qualtrics will let you do skip logic on a free account while SurveyMonkey only does skip logic with a paid account. I LOVED using the skip logic, although one of my questions got skipped over completely because of the way my respondents answered! I did like the area of your survey where we were able to write feedback. Perhaps the appropriate departments would be interested in the feedback in an effort to improve the great “Disney experience” 🙂

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for reading! I would probably try to use a different survey platform if I were to do this again! I think I would have the respondents skip to the favorite character and the demographic question – those are interesting and do not require a visit to a Disney theme park to answer.

      I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to the “explain your last experience” question – I’m sure our research teams would love to get that kind of feedback sometimes! Thankfully, we do an awesome job of recruiting guests for in-park and in-resort surveys – so hopefully we are getting some really great feedback ourselves!

  5. smschira says:

    Hi Lacee! The favorite Disney character question was the best one in my opinion! I would have never thought to ask, but after I took it I was curious to know the results. How did my boy Pluto do? As I mentioned to you privately, the regions question was tough for me because I consider myself in the Southwest region. I see where you did what you thought was best, but I’m glad to know I wasn’t only one who struggled with that question.

    • Hi Steven!

      Thanks for reading! I also loved the favorite character question – it was chance for the participants to express themselves and type an answer on their own! Pluto only had a few votes – but he’s a gem in my eyes!

      Yes, I would definitely rework the geographic location question if I were doing this again. Maybe listing the states individually or spelling them out in small groups – I’m not sure how, but I would definitely redo it!

  6. EmilyCRios says:

    Hi Lacee,
    Kudos to getting 100 people to answer your survey. I think it was great that you asked people where they were living because it could help you get a better look at how far people were traveling. I loved the question asking about your favorite character because you would want to know what character people most want to see/interact with while at a Disney park.

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for reading! I actually had 114 people complete the survey, but the free version of Survey Monkey only records the first 100 respondent answers – boo!

      I was glad that I asked the geographic location question; however, I think I should have worded it differently or provided different answers to choose from. Maybe breaking down the states individually or listing them in small groups – I’m not sure, but I definitely would modify that question if I were to do it again.

      I also loved the favorite character question – it was a question that you could answer regardless of whether or not you have visited a Disney theme park. Most of us probably have a favorite Disney character from our childhood of watching Disney animated films or television shows.

  7. I’m also not surprised that Disney in Florida was visited by most respondents. It’s one of the prime locations for their theme parks. As your survey found, most people who last went to Disney was in relation to a family trip/outing. I’ve been in Orlando my whole life and have been to Disney multiple times, and each time was a family gathering of some sort.
    Mickey Mouse is definitely the most recognizable character, so I see why that yielded the highest results. I’m personally a Donald Duck fan, but that’s beside the point. I’m not surprised by any of your results, it brings a little more depth into why people love Disney, and given your results, it hasn’t changed much over the years.
    Nice post!

    • Hi Gavin!

      Thanks for reading! I also wasn’t shocked that Walt Disney World had the most visitors. That was Walt’s entire plan for building in this location – it’s easy to get to from almost anywhere! Disney theme parks are definitely frequented most by family vacationers; however, we also have a large convention business, a strong youth programs representation and a very busy weddings team so I was a little surprised that SO many of the respondents selected family vacation.

      I loved the favorite character question! I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their favorite Disney character – now what you can tell, I will leave up to your imagination!

  8. Unfortunately, I never saw your original post, so I never got to take your survey. I love Disney World. I used to go every December with my family, and to this day some of my fondest memories were made in the Magic Kingdom. It’s sad that 8 of your respondents have never been to Disney World. Everyone should go at least once! I have been to the Disney World in Orlando more times than I can count, but I have never been to California or the Magic Kingdom. I think it was fun that you provided the question about participants’ favorite Disney character. It would have been interesting to know who the most random or bizzare character was, like if anyone said Quasimoto or Scar.

    • Hi Nicole!

      Thanks for reading! I’m sorry you didn’t get to take the survey – it was loads of fun! 🙂

      I’m so glad to hear that you love Walt Disney World AND have special family traditions that involve our great theme parks! I actually visited Disneyland before I ever came to Walt Disney World, which is totally strange for a girl from Indiana!

      I loved the favorite character question – I think the most bizarre might have been Copper from Fox and the Hound. I love that movie but it’s definitely a much older film and I would assume that most folks have never even heard of it! Someone did list Figment as their favorite which made me happy – Journey Into Imagination with Figment was the first attraction that I ever worked!

  9. Whitney Amerson says:

    Hi Lacee,
    I’m wondering how you got such a high response. Did you distribute the survey on social media? Maybe the higher response rate was due to the topic of your survey. Everyone loves Disney. Did you ask any basic demographic questions, such as how many times a participant visited the park? I know that Disney is popular, but I was still surprised that only eight people in your survey never visited a Disney park. Do you think that if someone had previously visited one of the parks they would be more interested in taking the survey? Just a thought. Nice Post!

    • Hi Whitney!

      Thanks for reading! I’m not sure exactly how I attracted so many folks – I posted the survey link on its own via my Facebook and Twitter. Also, the survey link was listed in my blog that was posted to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. I also think that the name Disney attracts people by itself – Disney evokes emotions and memories in most of us so it’s not a very hard sell to get people to pay attention!

      The only demographic questions I really asked were what region of the country to you most closely relate to geographically (right now) and at what age did you first visit a Disney theme park. I was most interested in seeing what the average age of the respondent’s first visit and where those folks now live. I wasn’t very surprised that majority of the respondents had visited between 0-5 years of age – although it wasn’t a big lead!

      I think the name Disney would draw someone in regardless of whether or not they have visited a Disney theme park. Chances are we have all watched a Disney movie, a Disney TV show or bought Disney merchandise (for ourselves or others) in our lifetime – none of which require visiting a Disney theme park.

  10. jadorenhi says:

    HI Lacee,

    I am so sad I missed your survey the first time around, what a fun subject!

    I found it very interesting that some respondents have been to international Disney parks. Do you think this may be because of your pool of respondents? For example, since you know a lot of Disney employees, some of them may have received the opportunity to visit other parks?

    Like Juan, I am also interested to hear your opinion on why Belle is a much-loved Disney princess. I was quite surprised by that result, but I personally love Belle myself!

    • Hi Nhi!

      Thanks for reading! I’m sad you missed it too – I mean I might be a little biased, but it was totally fun!

      I think that the majority of the people that took my survey either work at or live near Walt Disney World – which would explain the large number of people that have visited this theme park. I would venture to say that the ones who have visited our international theme parks are in fact Disney Cast Members – however, I know a number of folks that studied abroad in college that might have also had the opportunity to visit our international parks.

      I think that Belle was one of the first princesses to hold her own – yes she falls in love with a prince and they live happily ever after, but it wasn’t quite as easy for her! I think she’s a very well educated and well-spoken princess which is always a great selling point for parents of little girls…and she’s brunette! 🙂

  11. lexaubrey says:

    Hi Lacee,

    That is great about your number of responses! what methods did you use to share your survey? I posted mine on Facebook and got a much smaller number of participants.

    I did not even know there were Disney parks in Paris and Hong Kong, of course I hear about the one in California all the time. So I guess you can say that I was suprised to see that people had visited those parks! I was also suprised that Belle came in second to Mickey Mouse. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Belle, but I would have assumed that Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell would have been in 2nd place since they are so often portrayed as icons of the brand alongside Mickey.

    • Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for reading! I actually realized I had 114 people complete the survey, but Survey Monkey (the free version) only allows you to officially record 100. I posted the survey by itself on my Facebook and Twitter. However, my blog (which included a link to the survey) was posted on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages a few days after the initial post of just the survey link.

      I was very surprised that so many people said they had visited our theme parks outside of the United States. It’s a dream of my mine to visit ALL of our theme parks – including the one being built in Shanghai right now! I loved the favorite character questions – like I stated in my blog, I’m not sure that it really added much value to the research, but it sure was fun to see the results!

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