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Hey There Google…I’m Lacee

on February 26, 2014

I won’t lie; I’m no stranger to Googling myself! At least this time it’s for an actual assignment and not pure entertainment! I mean, I have always been curious, and maybe a little paranoid, as to what is being said about me on the Internet. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

First things first – clear out my browsing history to ensure that I’m getting the most unbiased results as possible. Check!

Second – search my full name: Lacee Utt!

Search Results 1

As you can see, the first site that pops up is my LinkedIn profile. Thanks to last semester, I actually try to keep my LinkedIn profile updated and I occasionally post information (or surveys) to my profile now. Just below that are images associated with my name – the first two are of me, the third is my “cover photo” on my Google+ profile, the fourth is a photo that I used in one my blog posts last semester and the fifth is a photo of a classmate (whatttt?). Just below the images is a link to my Google+ profile – again, after last semester, I now occasionally post things to my Google+ account (especially my blog posts).

Then…it gets weird…

Search Results 2

The next two links are to sites that apparently pull news stories in which your name has been mentioned. According to the site, I have one follower…I have never joined this Newsle website, nor do I really know what the premise of the site is. After that comes a link to something called Zoom Info, a site that claims to share your work history and business profile with readers. According to this site, I work in Burbank, California and have a phone number with an 818 area code. <– Not me! I’m really curious as to where these sites are pulling their information from!

The following two links actually make me rather angry – they are links to our wedding registry and wedding website on The Knot. I started using The Knot and later decided that we wanted to use Wedding Wire for our wedding website and registry. I have deactivated our site through The Knot AND I even deleted my entire account earlier this week! So, the fact that these two links are still showing up is driving me crazy!

Search Results 3

As I moved to the second page of search results, I found my BlogSpot blog from last semester and my Klout account. Oh, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of bizarre sites that claim to have my address, my work history and my family tree…none of these share much of anything when I actually click into the site though.

Page three brings links to an obituary that I was listed in nearly ten years ago, another site claiming that they have my work history (this one still says that I’m a gymnastics coach back in Indiana) and a site that lists out the alumni from my high school. By the time I got to pages four and five, the links that were actually pertaining to me were pretty much gone!

All in all, searching myself on Google isn’t very surprising; especially since I’ve been doing it periodically since college. It boggles my mind that there are so many sites out there claiming to have my personal information when I’ve never signed up for their services – it’s a little scary honestly! However, I’m happy to still report that my identity hasn’t been stolen (that I can see) and there is no one out there with my name causing a ruckus!

Questions to Ponder

  • Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, what did you find? Did anything shock you?
  • Would you advise others to search their names on the Intenrnet? Why or why not?

Ta-ta for now!


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12 responses to “Hey There Google…I’m Lacee

  1. jadorenhi says:

    Hi Lacee,

    I can totally relate to your wedding website dilemma. The problem with Google is that once something appears on there, it’s quite permanent. I work for a wedding blog and sometimes couples end an engagement or get a divorce and ask us to remove their announcements or weddings. While we are happy to oblige, Google isn’t as quick to remove evidence such as links and photos. It often causes a huge headache for all parties involved because couples think it’s our fault that their photos still pop up in search results.

    My results also included ZoomInfo, and I tried browsing their website to get more information about what exactly it is that they do. I couldn’t really get a concrete definition, so it seems a bit sketchy to me. Great post!

    • Hi Nhi!

      Thanks for reading! I am definitely annoyed by the whole wedding website thing – it would be one thing if our real site actually showed up, but it doesn’t. Instead, we just look quite silly for not having a “completed” site in our names. Hopefully, once we get our save the dates out and folks start visiting the real URL, it will surface in a search somewhere. Glad to know that someone else had Zoom Info show up! I tried looking at their site as well and I didn’t get much information either. I agree – quite sketchy!

  2. Greg Urbano says:

    Always an adventure Googling yourself!

  3. seanburke4 says:

    Hey Lacee,

    We had very different results. I have a common name so it was hard for me to actual find sites that were actually for me. Your name worked much better but brought up much more obscure content. I found a few obituaries myself and it was a little shocking. I actually signed up for Newsle and claimed my account after I came across my profile a few months ago. It’s a pain to have so many profiles, but I’d rather have them myself versus someone else taking them.

    That sucks that the website you don’t want for your wedding is showing up over the one you do want. As someone already mentioned it can take months (or years) for Google to update some search results. In situations like your wedding website, it’s not fun. I just think of people searching for the site and ending up on the wrong one. Maybe you could get some social interactions on the site you want and hopefully Google will bump it up for you!

    Great post!

    • Hi Sean!

      Thanks for reading! You have a Newsle account?! Oh my gosh, that is too funny! I was just writing about how I wondered who really used those sites – I guess it is a smart thing to go ahead a claim a profile if they are just going to continuing using your name. My biggest concern with those sites is not knowing if they are truly legit or if they are just looking to take your information. The wedding website makes me quite angry – we will be providing our actual URL to our guests, but it would still be nice to know that if someone searched for us, they would find the correct site. Hopefully, once we get those save the dates out, there WILL be interaction on the real site and it will surface somewhere!

  4. caseygrenet says:

    Hi Lacee- WOW! You had quite an interesting slew of information pop up when googling your name. A few things that surprised me: One that our classmates photo popped up when you googled your name. Two your wedding registries came up AFTER deleting them. Three information about you that wasn’t really you popped up as well. That is sort of concerning. Not in your case since there really isn’t anything bad being said, but if there was and they had the wrong information that would be a little concerning. I had a very very boring search. Nothing really came up besides basic information. Nothing really conceded me. I had only Googled myself once before when applying for jobs to see what was out there about me when people searched my name. I would advise others to search themselves once or twice. That way you know what is being said about you and what others can find about you.

    • Hi Casey!

      Thanks for reading! I have some strange things show up, there is no denying that! It just really makes me wonder where they are pulling their information from and who is actually turning to those sites to USE that information! I agree that I don’t need to be too concerned at the moment, there is nothing that is negative or revealing or even false that I could find – just a little odd to be honest. The whole wedding website thing just makes me mad – the fact that my actual site is nowhere to be found and that other one is still so high up.UGH!

  5. EmilyCRios says:

    I did not find anything surprising or odd when I Googled myself, just link to my social media accounts and lost of info/photos about an actress that has the same name. I think everyone should Google themselves just to see what is out there so that there are no surprises especially when going into things like job interviews.

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for reading! I wouldn’t call my search surprising – maybe odd, but not entirely surprising. I DID find it surprising that there were no links to my Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. I feel like I’m pretty active on those three sites – now I’m wondering if my privacy settings are way more powerful than I thought! I think searching yourself a few times on the Internet is definitely a good thing – you never know what’s out there!

  6. lexaubrey says:

    I did not find anything suprising or odd when I Googled myself, some unrelated links popped up similar to the ones you mentioned. Websites claiming to have my contact and career information, etc but I just assumed that there is more than one Alexis Aubrey out there and maybe those links are referring to that individual. When I looked at the images I did find an impressive number of *ahem* adult models that seem to share the name Alexis and/or Aubrey. I would definitely recommend that people Google themselves, it is always good to know what information is being shared about you.

    • Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for reading! I found it so strange that these websites claimed to have all of this information about me – I get that a lot of it might be public record, but who is really using those types of sites!? I didn’t think to actually look through the images associated with my name – beyond the few that popped up on the first page of my search. I wonder if I would find something similar…actually, I’m not sure that I want to know that!

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