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Old vs Young – The Privacy Debate

on July 10, 2014

FacebookThe last time I checked my Facebook privacy settings…about five minutes ago, before I started writing this blog! Prior to that, I couldn’t even begin to guess. I’ve had the same basic privacy settings (and basic profile information) since I created an account ions ago. I do adjust/tweak/check my privacy settings each time Facebook goes through one of their “face” lifts – in all honesty, I generally only pay attention to my photo privacy settings. In college, I started being extremely careful of the types of photos that I would get tagged in – I held a high position in my sorority and, in order to practice what I was preaching, I needed to ensure that I represented myself and my sorority in the best possible light.

Moving on…I wholeheartedly believe that a great deal of privacy concerns comes from older generations – folks who are just now getting into the social media world and have not grown up with their info out in the open. However, it’s funny to me that these older generations are pointing their fingers at us young kids for “over sharing” on the internet.

Case in point, my friend’s parents recently relocated to Florida and built a beautiful new home. However, there were a few aspects of their new home that weren’t really what they had discussed with their builder. So, what does her father do? He takes to the building company’s Facebook page of course. However, he doesn’t just leave an angry comment. He proceeds to leave his full name, address, phone number and email address demanding that someone get in touch with him. When my friend stumbled upon this, she immediately called her father flipping out and telling him to delete the comment right away! Older generations strike again!

Facebook2In terms of journalism, privacy is a tricky situation if you ask me. In the debate example we viewed this week, the privacy issue is at its trickiest! Do you, as a journalist, send a Facebook friend request to the former girlfriend loosely connected to a murder investigation? Is it in your own best interest to go out on this limb and jeopardize your journalistic reputation? Or, are you really even jeopardizing anything? Personally, I think that if you’re sending this girl a Facebook friend request, you need to be forthcoming with your information. Your profile needs to state that you are a reporter working for XYZ news; however, I don’t think you need to state this information in a separate message to the woman. It is part of the former girlfriends’ responsibility to check on the person sending her a friend request – if she sees no reason to deny you, then great, use it to your advantage! However, if she does deny your request, deal with it and find another way to gather information.

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2 responses to “Old vs Young – The Privacy Debate

  1. Justin says:

    Thanks Lacee. What do you think the social networks can do to help users understand how to take more control of their own privacy?

    • Hi Justin –

      I think that social networks should be more forth coming with their privacy policies and settigs options. We read about twitter’s policies in the past and they seem to do a good job of explaining their policies in a way that makes sense to most humans. The trick is navigating users to even see those policies in the first place. Sending regular reminders (maybe every few months) to all users about checking their privacy settings could be a step in the right direction. Making those privacy policies and settings easy to undersand is what will hook users and make them want to check their settings on a regular basis!

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