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Social Media Serenity

on July 17, 2014

Social HeartFor quite some time, it has been taboo to check your social networks while “on the clock.” However, with social becoming such a driving force behind our businesses, it’s not surprising that many companies have relaxed their social usage policies. We now have entire teams dedicated to monitoring and contributing to social media platforms which requires them to be living and breathing on those sites. But what about those employees who are not directly involved with their company’s social media plans? Are they able to check their social sites while “on the clock” or is inhibiting them from completing their work?

According to a Microsoft study in 2013, “nearly half of employees report that social tools at work help increase their productivity.” The study goes on to say  that “blocking and banning policies are ineffective, giving traditionalist supervisors a false sense of control that, in reality, has been slipping away for years.” From a personal standpoint, I am not directly involved in my company’s social efforts yet my Facebook tab is open pretty much all day long on my computer (and I check the app on my phone when I’m not at my desk). Having this open does not take away from my workplace productivity in the least. In fact, I’m intelligent enough to know that if it did begin to take away from my efficiency I would simply close the window and move on. Being able to jump over to either my personal email or my Facebook profile during the day helps to give my brain a break and, in turn, allows me to refocus on my work tasks if necessary.

By allowing your employees the freedom to explore their social networks during their work day, you’re showing that you trust them to be responsible and act ethically. Like Best Buy’s social media policy states, it’s important to remember your responsibility to your company both on and off the clock. If your employees know that you respect and trust them, they are much more likely to speak positively about your company when they are off the clock.  In the interest of fostering trust and respect, I do not think that it’s ethical for an employer to monitor an employee’s computer usage. The only exception would be if the employee’s work is suffering and/or tasks and assignments are not being completed on time.

It’s important for companies to ensure that their employees are made aware of their social media policies and that they know when updates to the policy have been made. How the company chooses to advertise these policies to their employees depends on the nature of their business. The best way to share policies might not be the same for an engineering company and a bakery! Whether it’s an email blast, a team meeting or signs in the hallways it’s really up to the company to decide what method works best.

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  1. Justin says:

    Thanks for the link to the Microsoft study!

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