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If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

on July 27, 2014

GlobeIf you wouldn’t broadcast it on radio or television then don’t broadcast it on your social media accounts – that is certainly a rule that we should all live by regardless of our position in society. When it comes to public social media accounts, high profile users and celebrities are not off limits and not an exception to the “be nice” rule. There are several examples of celebrities behaving badly on social media – unfortunately, we are all pretty immune to their rants at this point.

Huey Morgan of the BBC went on a rant when his colleague won a prestigious radio award instead of him – he ripped her program apart and attacked her professional abilities. Thankfully the subject of his rant handled the situation beautifully and didn’t escalate the rant into anything more than an angry and ungrateful man blowing off steam. In fact, the next morning, Morgan posted a series of apologies both to his colleague and for his behavior in general. While Morang shouldn’t have posted those remarks in the first place, he was correct in posting a public apology as soon as he came to terms with what he had done.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Enter Kanye West. At this point, we are all pretty accustomed to seeing and hearing West’s rants on social media; however, that certainly does not make it okay. The unfortunate part about West’s typical rants is that there is never a good reason for them and there is rarely an apology after the dust settles. It’s like the man just has a permanent chip on his shoulder and he enjoys picking fights with anyone that rubs him the wrong way. While it’s incredibly annoying, it doesn’t seem to be hurting his career at all (which is highly unfortunate in my opinion).

Golden RuleIn the end, it shouldn’t matter if you are famous or not – we all need to be held to some type of standard on social media. I always find it incredibly annoying when celebrities complain about not being able to live private lives – in my opinion, you sign away your private life the second you sign a contract for a movie or television show. The same goes for social media – don’t except to have a private social media life if you don’t have a private real life. It’s simple really – if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

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