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UF Facebook Page 2012 Data Analysis – Metrics Final

UFThe final project in our Social Media Metrics class required us to create a presentation based off a set of real Facebook data. The data was pulled from the University of Florida’s official Facebook Fan Page in the year 2012 – our task was to analyze the various data points, draw conclusions and offer suggestions on how the Page could improve in the future.

Below, you will find a link to my presentation. I chose to focus on the top performing months in each of the three categories we reviewed – fans, engagement and reach. If this were to be presented in real life, I imagine it would be geared toward higher level executives as it is a broad overview of the general data points and big picture recommendations on how to improve in the future.


UF Facebook Page Insights – Metrics Final

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Oh My Sweet Kickstarter!

Prior to this week, I had a very limited knowledge of Kickstarter. My only exposure to the platforms has been through my fiancé; a few of his friends from high school and college have started Kickstarter funds for various projects. However, beyond that limited exposure, this week’s assignment is something brand spankin’ new for me!

This week was clearly a HUGE week for Kickstarter!  As of March 3rd, Kickstarter passed ONE BILLION dollars in pledges – pledges that 5.7 million people have made to the various projects housed on the platform. Those 5.7 million people hail from 224 different countries and territories in all seven continents!


While browsing through the site, there were a few ideas that caught my attention along the way. The first account that grabbed my eye was something called NailSnaps. I love painting my nails; however, truth be told, I’m pretty terrible at it! NailSnaps “lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail polish stickers you can apply yourself in minutes for custom art.” NailSnaps describes the process in three easy steps:

  • Design – the free NailSnaps app lets you design exactly how you want your photo or image to appear on your nails
  • Print – they will print and ship your high-quality nail polish stickers once you have completed your custom design
  • Rock – easily apply you nail polish stickers in minutes, no dry time, not heat and no waiting (they will last about a week)

NailSnaps goal is to raise $47,381 to finalize their app and get their printing facility in Los Angeles up and running. Folks who pledge $20 or more will receive their choice of one or more of set of pre-designed prototype nail polish stickers.


Another interesting account I found was Sharon Wee Creations: Adorable Cakes for all Occasions. She is looking to create a “detailed guide to cake decorating with lots of cute, whimsical fondant covered projects.” By the looks of her account, she’s AWESOME!

According to her plan, the book will include eleven main projects and five smaller projects ranging in experience/difficulty levels from beginner to upper intermediate. The book will also contain templates, a guide to the appropriate tools to use and basic recipes.

Her book is completed and she is just seeking the necessary funds to take it from her computer to a physical book. She is also making a custom USB thumb drive featuring her “signature teddy bear.” She set her goal at $5,000 and has already surpassed that! As of today, with only two hours to go, she has 364 backers and $25,262!


I wish I had an interesting enough idea that I could put onto Kickstarter! I am definitely far from being creative or innovative enough to take advantage of all that Kickstarter has to offer. However, I’m more than happy to share my finances with folks that are imaginative and brave enough to put their ideas out there and seek assistance to make their dreams come true!

Questions to Ponder

  • Have you ever used Kickstarter, or other crowdfunding platforms, on your own? If so, how was your experience and would you suggest it to other creative mind?
  • Do you think that crowdfunding is an efficient and effective use of time? How else would you suggest folks acquire the necessary means to create their potential products?

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Hey There Google…I’m Lacee

I won’t lie; I’m no stranger to Googling myself! At least this time it’s for an actual assignment and not pure entertainment! I mean, I have always been curious, and maybe a little paranoid, as to what is being said about me on the Internet. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

First things first – clear out my browsing history to ensure that I’m getting the most unbiased results as possible. Check!

Second – search my full name: Lacee Utt!

Search Results 1

As you can see, the first site that pops up is my LinkedIn profile. Thanks to last semester, I actually try to keep my LinkedIn profile updated and I occasionally post information (or surveys) to my profile now. Just below that are images associated with my name – the first two are of me, the third is my “cover photo” on my Google+ profile, the fourth is a photo that I used in one my blog posts last semester and the fifth is a photo of a classmate (whatttt?). Just below the images is a link to my Google+ profile – again, after last semester, I now occasionally post things to my Google+ account (especially my blog posts).

Then…it gets weird…

Search Results 2

The next two links are to sites that apparently pull news stories in which your name has been mentioned. According to the site, I have one follower…I have never joined this Newsle website, nor do I really know what the premise of the site is. After that comes a link to something called Zoom Info, a site that claims to share your work history and business profile with readers. According to this site, I work in Burbank, California and have a phone number with an 818 area code. <– Not me! I’m really curious as to where these sites are pulling their information from!

The following two links actually make me rather angry – they are links to our wedding registry and wedding website on The Knot. I started using The Knot and later decided that we wanted to use Wedding Wire for our wedding website and registry. I have deactivated our site through The Knot AND I even deleted my entire account earlier this week! So, the fact that these two links are still showing up is driving me crazy!

Search Results 3

As I moved to the second page of search results, I found my BlogSpot blog from last semester and my Klout account. Oh, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of bizarre sites that claim to have my address, my work history and my family tree…none of these share much of anything when I actually click into the site though.

Page three brings links to an obituary that I was listed in nearly ten years ago, another site claiming that they have my work history (this one still says that I’m a gymnastics coach back in Indiana) and a site that lists out the alumni from my high school. By the time I got to pages four and five, the links that were actually pertaining to me were pretty much gone!

All in all, searching myself on Google isn’t very surprising; especially since I’ve been doing it periodically since college. It boggles my mind that there are so many sites out there claiming to have my personal information when I’ve never signed up for their services – it’s a little scary honestly! However, I’m happy to still report that my identity hasn’t been stolen (that I can see) and there is no one out there with my name causing a ruckus!

Questions to Ponder

  • Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, what did you find? Did anything shock you?
  • Would you advise others to search their names on the Intenrnet? Why or why not?

Ta-ta for now!


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Better Ingredients, Better Pizza…Better App?

Papa Johns claims to have better ingredients and better pizza, but do they have a better app than their competitors? I was previously the proud owner of the Pizza Hut app (this girl loves her some pizza) – sadly, it was deleted in my last removal frenzy to prepare for the recent iOS update. I was a fan of the Pizza Hut app, but it wasn’t as easy to use as I was hoping – let’s see if the Papa Johns app can step up and over throw Pizza Hut’s reign in my world, shall we?

The beginning was quite easy – I searched for Papa Johns in my app store and downloaded their free app.

Home Screen

After everything was installed, I clicked on the app and was asked the typical push notification question that a vast majority of apps now ask. Of course, I selected OK! Next, I needed to set up an account with Papa Johns and I was able to do this right there in the app! It was very user friendly and nothing was distorted or needed “pinching” or “stretching.”

Push and Sign in

Once I created an account and entered my address, I was able to use my phone’s GPS features to locate the nearest Papa Johns locations! As you can see below – addresses, phone numbers, store hours, delivery/carryout options and maps for each location appear in order of closeness.


I finally selected the closest location that would deliver and got started creating my order. It was super easy and there’s even a “view deals” section that allows you to check out their daily specials and offers! If one of their deals doesn’t strike you, there is an option to build your order from the ground up! Once you’ve completed your order, the checkout process is super simple and quick. You can save your credit card information for future purchases as well. After all is said and done, you can save your order as a “fave” and order with just a few taps next time!


Finally, they offer something calls Papa Rewards. Basically, once you enroll in the program, you receive points each time you order a Papa Johns’ pizza online. The more orders you place, the more rewards that you earn! Once you’ve received 25 points, you get a FREE PIZZA!


In my humble opinion, the Papa Johns app is spot on! Installing the app, creating an account and placing my order were all super easy and very user friendly! While there is no option to leave a review, I’m not so sure there’s really a need for this feature. Papa Johns is a well-known product and if you haven’t experienced the product, a close friend probably has!

Questions to Ponder

  • Have you ever used the Papa John app? If so, how was your experience? If not, have you ever used any type of app to order a pizza and how did it go?
  • Is there anything missing from this app that would have liked to see? Why?

Ta-ta for now!


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I Think I’ll Stick With My “Life”

My task this week – create a profile in the virtual world, Second Life. Now, there are plenty of folks out there that love this site and really invest themselves into the lives of their avatars – I will not be one of those people!

To be completely honest, I found the entire process quite confusing and rather overwhelming. I had no idea where to go, who to talk to or what to do. I wasn’t able to find a single person to have a decent or informative conversation with…it took me ages to just find an English speaking avatar to attempt a conversation with.

AvatarI began by creating my avatar – I couldn’t find one that looked the way I wanted, so I chose a random girl and thought I would edit her features and clothes later. Once I had downloaded the service (which was not what I was expecting I would need to do), I dove right in! I started exploring the land that I was placed in and playing around with the control options (walking, running and flying). I was definitely awkward – I ran into walls and rocks and even fell off more than one bridge. I think my favorite part about those initial moments was discovering that I could walk UNDER water!?

Once I had gotten comfortable with the controls, I thought it would be nice to edit my avatar. AGH! I haven’t been that confused in a really long time! I tried to edit her outfit, her hair, her skin tone, her body…anything and everything! However, I was expecting something like the Sims (yep, I was once a Sims player) where it was just a wardrobe of clothing that I could select from. Either I’m completely clueless or that’s just not an option (I’m assuming it’s the first option…) because I kept making changes but nothing was happening to my avatar. I finally gave up and decided that my “gothic” character was just going to have to do – a real accurate representation of myself, huh?! 🙂


After I gave up on editing myself, I found a teleportation spot and zoomed away to The Cave Club. There wasn’t a lot going on in here; however, I did learn how to sit down while I visited The Cave Club! Big accomplishments, I know!

I teleported out of The Cave Club and visited a really strange place in the sky…I can’t remember the name of it. I wasn’t there long…I accidentally walked off the side of the platform and fell down…down…down to the place I first began! I was attempting to teleport to a lighthouse after that, but I got an invitation to teleport to a location in London and I accepted right away! I was teleported to what seemed to be a downtown shopping district location, complete with subway tunnels!

I started exploring the area and even added some “items” to my inventory – I’m still not entirely sure what this means or if I can use these items in any way. I found a dance machine and somehow got my avatar to dance…and then couldn’t figure out how to get her to stop, so we flew around while she continued to dance – a true talent I tell you! This London location was the first, and only, location that I was able to have a somewhat normal, albeit short, English conversation. Here is what was said:

somethingto: hi
lutt06: hello
somethingto: how are you
lutt06: just fine you
somethingto: i’m alright
somethingto: are you an alt
**Insert long pause while I Google what “alt” means in the world of Second Life**
lutt06: no

And then the conversation was over…riveting, right?! In my search for the meaning of “alt” in the world of Second Life, I found that folks will have a “main” profile/avatar and then often create spinoff or alternate profiles/avatars as well – thus, “alt” is born.


All in all, my experience was confusing, frustrating and not at all enjoyable. However, it’s obvious that many others do not share in my confusion or frustration. As you move about in the different lands, you can see the various level of detail that has been put into people’s avatars – there are beginners that looked exactly the same as me, there were characters that had a bit more editing done to them and there were avatars that were almost life-like they were so well done. While Second Life might be fun for some people, I think I will stick with my real life for now!

Questions to Ponder:

  • Did you face similar challenges during your first Second Life experience? If so, how did you navigate through them and were other users helpful in your journey?
  • There have been several educational institutions that have used Second Life or other similar platforms for learning/educational experiences. Would you be willing to learn “virtually’ through a platform like Second Life? What advantages/disadvantages would you assume to encounter with this type of experience?

Ta-ta for now!


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